Nevada Women's Philanthropy

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Membership Dues can be sent to:
Nevada Women's Philanthropy
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410 S. Rampart Blvd, Suite 390
Las Vegas, Nevada 89145
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Members contribute $5,000 annually with pledged funds due before the Grant Hearing in May. Each member receives one vote.

Opportunities for Member Involvement

A mission of NWP is to help each member achieve a more meaningful and personal philanthropic experience. While no specific time commitment is required of members, we believe that giving your time can lead to a better understanding the multi-faceted community needs. NWP encourages members to develop close relationships with the organizations they support, as well as, take the opportunity to participate on one of the NWP Operating Committees.

Members are encouraged to attend NWP educational events and grant-winner gatherings. By doing so, they become immersed in the issues facing the community. We meet to hear a variety of community leaders, engage in dialogue, learn about philanthropy, and fully research our community's needs in order to educate ourselves as to where our awards would make the greatest impact.

In order to pave the way for members to participate in creative volunteer activities within the community, NWP has developed the Volunteer Bulletin Board. Learn more and get involved with past NWP grant recipients.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Who can join Nevada Women's Philanthropy?

  2. NWP membership is open to any woman who wants to leverage her contribution to the Southern Nevada community through pooled giving.

  3. Why is it a benefit to give to an NWP selected charity rather than my favorite?

  4. The short answer is NWP leverage and impact. Sometimes individual giving can seem like a drop in the bucket. Most often a donor's contribution is allocated to a general fund, meaning that the charity gets to decide where the money will go and the donor may never know how the money was spent or what difference it made to the community. By donating through NWP, your investment will be pooled with other $5,000 donations and made to a thoroughly vetted organization, a specific project and monitored to ensure impactful results.

  5. Do I have to do anything besides donate?

  6. NWP is an all-volunteer organization that is structured to make it as easy as possible for members. You can participate as much or as little as your time permits. You will be asked to vote annually for one of the two finalist applicants. To assist you in making your decision, the finalists make a presentation introducing their organization and describing the proposed project at an annual Grant Hearing meeting. In addition they each prepare a written presentation for those members who are unable to attend the Grant Hearing. The Grant Outreach Committee vets the applications through to the Grant Screening Committee. Members can serve on each of those committees if they would like.

  7. Why does NWP give to one charity instead of several?

  8. The objective of NWP is to fund one meaningful, high-impact project each year. The intent is to enable the grant recipient to reach a larger client base, bring a new service to exiting clients, and/or strengthen the financial stability of the organization in a sustainable fashion. Smaller donations tend to get absorbed without direct measurable outcomes.

  9. Why is the gift not unrestricted?

  10. NWP invests in projects that are specific, measurable and sustainable. In this way the members know exactly how their investment will be utilized.

  11. How do I know how the money is spent?

  12. The grant recipient signs a contract, defining the planned expenditures for the project as well as the timing of payment from NWP. Benchmarks are defined and must be met before the next portion of the grant is disbursed. NWP is run by committees of volunteers. The Grant Monitoring Committee meets with the grant recipient periodically, and monitors the implementation and fulfillment of the contract parameters. The monitoring continues for three years after the grant is awarded.

  13. Is the donation tax deductible?

  14. Yes. NWP is a Component Fund of Nevada Community Foundation (NCF). As such, NCF manages all financial aspects of NWP. Donations are made to NCF, a registered 501(c)3, and directed to the NWP fund and are therefore fully tax deductible.

  15. How do you choose the charity each year?

  16. NWP solicits grant applications annually from a broad population of Southern Nevada non-profit organizations. Applicants are offered guidance throughout the application process.

    The NWP Grant Screening Committee (25 to 35 members) reviews the applications, analyzes financial and structural documents from the agencies, visits the agency sites, and in a series of eliminations, selects two finalists for the grant.

    The two finalists prepare both oral and written presentations of their agencies and their proposed projects. All NWP members vote between the two finalists. The agency receiving the most votes is awarded the grant, and the other finalist receives a $30,000 unrestricted gift in recognition of its contribution to the community.

  17. Why are the membership dues $5,000? That is a significant amount.

  18. This amount was carefully considered to be significant and meaningful. By multiplying this amount by the annual number of members, NWP quickly reaches a large and impactful grant each year.

  19. Do I have to pay all at once?

  20. No. You may set up an automated ten-month payment plan, or you may submit payments of your choice throughout the year. The first payment of $1,000 is due early in the grant cycle, and the final payment is due about one month before the voting occurs. This timing is essential to gauge the amount of our annual grant.

  21. Could two of us join and split the dues?

  22. NWP is a one-member one-vote organization.

  23. Could I donate $10,000 and get two votes?

  24. As with any giving circle or pooled giving organization, no one member has more influence than another.

  25. Could a past winner or runner-up reapply?

  26. Yes, past winner can reapply after sitting out for seven years. The runner up is ineligible for one year following its year as finalist.

  27. Are there ways to get involved as a volunteer at a grant-winning organization?

  28. NWP grant recipients have historically welcomed NWP members with open arms, and in some cases have designed volunteer opportunities specifically for NWP members who choose to get more involved.

  29. If I am an NWP member and on the board of a local charity, may that organization still apply for the grant?

  30. NWP includes dozens of members who are active in the community. The grant screening process includes some disclosure guidelines, but it's nothing that would prohibit an NWP member from being actively involved in the process if she so chooses.

  31. How can I get more involved if I choose to?

  32. NWP is an all-volunteer organization that is run by its own members. You are welcome to join one or more of the committees, although participation is not required. The committees are:

    Grant Screening Committee: About 25 to 35 members. The committee members read all applications, and through a process of elimination, choose the two finalists agencies for the membership consideration.

    Outreach Committee: About 10 members. The committee works to assure maximum awareness of the NWP grant among Southern Nevada non-profits. The committee hosts a Grant Symposium and is the primary liaison at the beginning of the grant cycle.

    Grant Monitoring Committee: About seven members. The committee follows up for three years with the grant recipients to assure compliance with the award contract.

    Membership Committee: About two to four members. The committee plans events to introduce potential new members to NWP, and handles communications with the existing membership.

    Events Committee: Works with all of the committees to arrange meetings and events for NWP.

    Alternatively, some members may choose to do something more individual, like hosting a coffee or event for potential new members.

  33. Is it OK if I can't attend many NWP events?

  34. Yes. One of the features, and some would say benefits, of NWP is that nothing is required beyond writing a check and voting once a year. There are opportunities to get involved and that is encouraged, but many members prefer to simply donate in a leveraged, vetted, impactful way.

  35. Do I have to attend meetings?

  36. NWP doesn't have regular monthly or quarterly meeting for its members. However, you are encouraged to attend the annual Grant Hearing to see the finalists present their projects before you vote. NWP will also invite you to several other events throughout the year. We offer:

    Educational events at which members will learn about challenges facing our community;

    A season kick-off luncheon to celebrate current and past grant winners;

    A number of friendraisers where you may come and meet potential members, or bring your friends to learn about NWP;

    The annual Grant Hearing where the two finalists will make their case for your vote.

    None of these events are required. You are welcome to attend any, all, or none. If you are unable or choose not to attend the Grant Hearing, you will receive the two finalist proposals via email in order to make your decision.

  37. How do I join?

  38. You may download the membership application and payment instructions on our website (see link at top of Membership page).