Nevada Women's Philanthropy

NWP at a Glance

NWP Board and Committees

Organizational Structure

The work of NWP is done entirely by volunteer members. The Executive Committee, comprised of our President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer and Chairs of our operating committees (listed below), manage the day to day decisions for NWP. Policy decisions are managed by the Board of Directors. NWP is a donor-advised fund through the Nevada Community Foundation. All donations and membership dues are tax-deductible.

Operating Committees

Outreach Committee - The Outreach Committee (OC) leads the preliminary contact with agencies that may have a proposal eligible for the coming year's grant. This committee is responsible for holding an annual Grant Symposium to offer nonprofits the opportunity to learn about eligibility and requirements of the NWP Impact Grant. OC members review Grant Applications to determine whether all the base criteria are met before the Grant Screening Committee considers the application.

Grant Screening Committee - The Grant Screening Committee (GSC) represents a vital aspect of NWP. This committee performs the essential function of analyzing each agency and its project for our members. Its goal is to narrow the applicant pool to the two candidates whose projects best address the critical unmet needs of that grant year. Beginning in January, the GSC reviews Grant Applications, conducts due diligence investigations of agencies, attends site interviews, and oversees agency submission of formal grant proposals. The process culminates in the presentation of two finalist agencies for a vote by our membership at our Grant Hearing in May.

Grant Monitoring Committee - The Grant Monitoring Committee (GMC) is responsible for monitoring the post-award status of funded projects. Under the terms of our grant agreement with recipient agencies, members of this committee visit the project site twice a year to assure that the project is being implemented appropriately. These site visits are also an invaluable means of maintaining an ongoing relationship between our members and agencies we have funded in the past.

Membership Committee - The Membership Committee (MC) is responsible for building our membership through prospective membership gatherings held during the year. Additionally, this committee serves as NWP's ambassadors, helping to get the word out to the membership regarding various NWP events.

Education/Event Committee - The Education/Events Committee (EEC) sets the program for member community awareness and involvement with our annual "State of the Community" gathering. Timely community concerns are discussed by experts in the field, NWP members, and their guests in a comfortable and personal setting. The EEC coordinates all NWP events and is responsible for the Celebration Luncheon where the newest grant winner is honored and the achievements of past winners are showcased.

Communications Committee - The Communications Committee (CC) serves as NWP's liaison for media relations. The committee helps to publicize NWP and aid in building and generating positive awareness of NWP and its giving model as well as generates membership newsletters and maintains all social media.

Volunteer Committee - The Volunteer Committee is responsible for the Volunteer Bulletin Board, which lists volunteering and donation opportunities with past NWP Impact Grant and Founders Gift recipients. The committee also works with past recipients to coordinate volunteer events for NWP members and their families.