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Projects Supported by the Nevada Women's Philanthropy

Year 2010
The recipient of the Nevada Women's Philanthropy's 5th annual grant in the amount of $350,000 was awarded to the Rape Crisis Center (RCC). Since 1974 the RCC has been the only non-profit organization providing crisis intervention and advocacy to victims of sexual assault in Clark County. Through volunteers and staff, RCC has provided advocacy to over 35,000 victims since its inception. Programs include a toll-free 24-hour hotline, primary prevention education to Clark County residents and primary prevention education presentations to students in the Clark County School District. With Nevada Women's Philanthropy funding, RCC was able to open a comprehensive therapeutic counseling center, Signs of Hope, for residents of Clark County ages 12 years and older.

Signs of Hope was developed in partnership with the University of Nevada Las Vegas (UNLV) Department of Counseling Education and Dr. Larry Ashley. Signs of Hope will provide counseling to 1,200 primary victims and support to 2,800 of their family and friends.

"The Rape Crisis Center is so honored to be the 2010 recipient of the Nevada Women's Philanthropy grant. This grant will give the RCC the opportunity to provide the therapeutic services needed to help victims of sexual assault," said Lu Torres, executive director of RCC. "Nevada Women's Philanthropy Signs of Hope Counseling Center will show that through the development of partnerships, collaboration of skill sets, and shared resources, Southern Nevada cares about its community. Together we can make an amazing difference. NWP has made us the best that we could be!"

Lied Discovery Children's Museum received the $30,000 NWP Founders' Gift.

Year 2009
The recipient of the Nevada Women's Philanthropy's 4th annual grant was awarded to Legal Aid Center of Southern Nevada (LACSN). LACSN received a $325,000 grant over three years to fund one new attorney within the Children's Attorneys Project (CAP) Foster Care Early Intervention Program. This new program seeks to represent children from the first day they are removed from their homes due to abuse or neglect.

"Since we launched the CAP Early Intervention Program several months ago, we have already seen the dramatic difference it makes for children to have their voices heard in court," said Barbara Buckley, executive director of LACSN. "It gives them back a sense dignity and control over their own lives. It also prevents them from languishing in the system for months or even years without receiving the services that they deserve."

"This generous grant from the Nevada Women's Philanthropy will enable us to serve an additional 400 young people over the next three years," Buckley said "With our current resources; we were only able to serve about half of the children in foster care. This important funding takes us a step closer to serving every child who needs us."

Three Square received the $50,000 NWP Founders' Gift.

Year 2008
The Nevada Women's Philanthropy awarded its third annual grant in the amount of $450,000 to The Public Education Foundation.

NWP became a community partner for three Empowerment Schools within the Clark County School District (CCSD). Empowerment Schools are a public school model designed to replicate national research-based best practices and increase student achievement. In these schools, the leadership is given autonomy to determine the best direction of its resources including staff development, finances, schedule, classroom materials and instruction. A pilot program consisting of four schools began in 2006. The CCSD currently has 14 Empowerment Schools. Empowerment School test scores have increased dramatically over the last three years.

"We are proud to receive this grant from Nevada Women's Philanthropy," Judi Steele, president and chief professional officer of The Public Education Foundation, said. "During these critical economic times, this significant award allows us to expand the Empowerment Schools initiative. Clark County's empowerment model is demonstrating results and holds the promise of transforming our schools in a meaningful and lasting way. We greatly appreciate the generosity of and partnership with Nevada Women's Philanthropy. Together, we are making the difference for our public school children."

Nathan Adelson Hospice received the $30,000.00 NWP Founders' Gift.

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